About the project

This website documents the design, creation and installation of a public art project on the old Scarborough-Whitby railway line aka The Cinder Track.

The project has been comissioned by The Friends of the Old Railway Line with Scarborough Borough Council. Contracted to realise the public artwork are Adrian Riley of Electric Angel Design and Scarborough-based artist Rachel Welford who won the commission with their joint proposal. The design will act as both signage and waymarker and will incorporate poetry with John W Clarke delivering workshops on site with users of the track to generate words and phrases that will form theĀ  raw material. Visually the artwork is inpsired by period railway typography with giant lettering and subtle glass inserts within paving made from recycled glass.

About the site
Opened in 1885, the Scarborough-Whitby branch line linked the two coastal towns and villages inbetween for 80 years. The line was closed as part of the Beeching cuts in 1965 but the 20 mile trackbed of the line was give a new lease of life as a cycle and walking route and is now part of the National Cycle Network. The route with its stunning views is well used for leisure activities and also serves as an alternative commuter route into Scarborough on both foot and bicycle. At the more urban Scarborough end of the line close to the site of the artwork, is a large supermarket and the line provides a direct route for shoppers on foot.